Email List Management

Savicom's email list management capability automates day-to-day mailing list management functions, to make managing an email list simple and cost-effective. The basic functions included in all Savicom solutions are:

  • Fast and reliable email delivery service
  • Automated email list subscribe and removal functions
  • Customized reply forwarding capability
  • Bounce processing and separate handling of permanent versus temporary bounces
  • Email list import and export functions, including upload/download of spreadsheet-compatible tab-separated or comma-separated files
  • Message archive function

Subscription form
Savicom automatically generates web site subscribe forms like the one pictured here.

Managing list subscribes and removes without an automated system becomes very inefficient and time-consuming with even very small email lists. Savicom provides several automated subscription and removal management functions, including integrated web site subscribe forms, removal links in emails, and several automated integration interfaces to provide automated email list management functions which can be easily integrated with your systems.

In addition, Savicom provides automated reply processing and forwarding capability to help manage the replies to your mailings:

Another important email list management function is the managing of returned or "bounced" messages. Not only does proper bounce handling keep your email list clean and efficient, it is also an important factor that ISPs consider when determining whether to allow a sender's mail to be delivered. Improper bounce management can result in mail being filtered or blocked.

The ability to import and export data is a key email list management function. Savicom provides both manual upload and download options, as well as several interfaces for automated integration with your database function.

Uploading data
Recipient email addresses and data can be easily uploaded and stored in demographic and custom user-defined fields.

All of the email list management capabilities described above are provided in all of Savicom's products and services.

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