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HTML Email Template Selector
Savicom's template selector allows you to choose from dozens of ready-to-use image-rich templates.
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Savicom's HTML email template feature allows you to create reusable templates or select from dozens of included ready-to-use image-rich templates.

Create your own HTML email templates
Design your own templates with Savicom's built-in "WYSIWYG" HTML email editor, or import templates created in other HTML editing software. Host your images on your server, or use Savicom's email image hosting feature.

Use one of Savicom's included HTML email templates
Savicom's template feature comes complete with dozens of professionally designed, image-rich templates. Images are hosted with Savicom's email image hosting feature so there is no need for an external server. Included are four HTML email template libraries, each stocked with a wide array of themed templates:

  • Business Types
  • Holidays and Events
  • Landscapes/Scenery
  • People and Animals

Once a template is selected, simply edit it and insert your content with our HTML email editor.

Savicom HTML Email Templates are available in:

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