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Savicom Pro is a low-cost, easy-to-use, web-based application for sending email newsletters and other regular email communications. Savicom Pro makes newsletter email list management for lists of all sizes simple, with its intuitive interface, integration features, and fast and reliable email delivery service. And since Savicom Pro is web-based hosted on Savicom's servers, there's no need to install software, hardware or configure networks.

Savicom Pro Lite contains all of the features and performance of Savicom Pro, with less monthly sending capacity included for infrequent senders.


In addition to basic email newsletter functionality, Savicom Pro and Pro Lite offer many advanced features which keep email deliverability and response rates high while minimizing the effort needed to manage your list and mailings. Click Here for a detailed list of all of Savicom Pro and Pro Lite's features.


Savicom Pro and Pro Lite start at only $17.00 per month, with no setup fees or extra charges required. For complete pricing information Click Here or Sign Up Now!

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Want to try before you buy? Savicom offers a free trial version of its Savicom Pro email marketing software to let you test before you decide. The free trial account is a fully functional version of the paid Savicom Pro accounts, limited to 10 recipients. Try it now!

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