4 Email Marketing Tips to Make the Holidays Shine Bright

By Savicom News

The holidays are right around the corner. Here are some of our favorite things to make holiday emails shine bright:

1. Do Something a Little Different

Change the look and feel of your emails for the holiday season.

  • Use seasonal colors, images and chicklets
  • Add animated GIFs
  • Send more frequently
  • Try a flash sale
  • Send a newsletter
  • Thank your list for being loyal customers throughout the year
  • Mix it up!

Make sure you have approval before sending anything new out. Your competitors are changing things up for the holidays and embracing the festive season, so you should too.

2. Plan Ahead

Make the most of the holiday gift-giving season to send timely, relevant, targeted mailings. Execution matters as much during the holidays as it does other times of the year—if not more. Plan your campaigns out with enough time to thoroughly set-up and test any new elements.

If you need an extra set of hands around the holidays to set-up and send out campaigns, or to add a new element to your campaigns, the friendly staff at Vidi Emi are always available to assist.

Contact oscar@vidiemi.com for details.

3. Send, Send, Send!

If there is ever a time to ramp up your mailings, it’s during the holidays. Go ahead and send "sale a day" or "12 Days of Christmas" emails to your list. Your list expects it and they are great conversion drivers.

4. Make Your Content Useful—Even Helpful—to Your List

Provide content that makes your readership’s holidays a bit brighter. Include a useful tip, a craft or favorite holiday recipe. Tis the season—give back to your list in ways other than sales and discounts.

Still have questions? Contact Customer Support at (415) 617-9000 or email support@savicom.com for assistance.