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Deliverability: Part Two

Earlier this month, we began our series on deliverability by outlining some of the challenges with commercial email delivery, and offering some useful tips for improving your email program's deliverability. This week we go a bit more in depth on what we do internally as an email provider to help you improve deliverability, by managing ISP feedback loops and providing easy-to-access complaint information.

What Does Savicom Do? ISP Feedback Loops

We are registered with all the majors ISP's to receive alerts whenever your subscribers report your mailings as junk or worse, spam. These alerts are returned to Savicom as part of our feedback loops process. When we get an alert, we automatically unsubscribe those recipients from your list in order to prevent you from getting blocked in the future. We are on feedback loops with AOL, Yahoo, MSN/Hotmail, Gmail, United Online, Earthlink, Comcast, Bluetie, Cox, and more. We compile all the returned data in View Complaint Activity, so you can review the complaint rates, monitor trends, as well as, have access to the raw data.

When you send a message to an invalid address they bounce, the more bounces you collect the lower your sending reputation. If your reputation goes to low, you will get blocked. Savicom automatically removed these hard addresses from your list so you don't get in trouble sending to the address a second time. List hygiene and how clean you maintain your list will help determine the success of your email marketing efforts.

Please contact if you need any assistance in implementing any of the above recommendations or simply want to bounce your own ideas off our dedicated team of Delivery Assurance personnel.

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